Dirty South’s Investigative Services

Alimony Investigation

Alimony Investigation

Alimony is money awarded to a spouse after a divorce so that they can keep their current lifestyle as they move forward afterwards. If you’ve been the victim of a spouse committing adultery, then you may be able to get out of paying alimony or at least reduce your alimony costs because of their infidelity. The Dirty South Investigator can help prove your allegations in order to help your case.

background checks

Background Checks

Do you need a background check on a potential employee? If you’re a small business needing a background check for an employee, we can help by providing thorough background checks on individuals. We also perform background checks for relationships as in an ex or for a potential date. We offer background checks on babysitters and nanny’s to ensure the safety of children.

Diligent Services

Diligent Searches

Are you looking for someone and can’t locate them yourself? We have access to a powerful tool set in order to provide diligent searches in locating and providing the whereabouts of individuals. Whether you’re looking for a spouse to pay child support, a biological parent, a debtor, or whoever, we can help track them down quickly and efficiently.

process server

Process Server

The Dirty South Investigator is a diligent private process server. Every document that is received will be attempted within 72 hours of receipt for routine service. We are equipped to serve your legal documents, file your documents with the court, and make your deliveries on a same day basis if needed.

Our civil process server will go the extra mile to ensure that your assignment is completed as requested.

skip tracing

Skip Tracing

Dirty South Investigator provides Skip Tracing which is where we locate a debtor who has “skipped” or left town, hence the name “skip tracing.” As skip tracers, we are especially helpful for cases in which the debtor has failed to answer or return repeated calls and emails.

If you need help finding a debtor, we can help find them quickly and help you get paid. Our skip tracing specialists in Birmingham, AL are at your service.

witness interview

Witness Location / Interview

Dirty South Investigator can locate known witnesses and search for additional witnesses, both persons and devices such as private security cameras. Once located we can interview the potential witness, obtain relevant information and document their statements.

We can also review witness statements for accuracy. Often a witness will fill in gaps in what they actually witnessed with their own conclusions as to what happened. Filling in these gaps is not done with the intention to deceive but simply the human brain is trying to rationalize the events.

insurance fraud

Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud is a crime involving one party deliberately trying to deceive or mislead another to inflict damage, by means of unjustly obtaining property or services. It can become a serious and expensive problem for its victims.

Dirty South Investigator investigates claims to determine if in fact an employee has faked / exaggerated an injury, has unreported income, employment at a second job, and/or multiple claims under other identities. If you need to find out if someone is committing insurance fraud, our private investigators can find out.