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Many of us want to think the best of people and not view the world as the place it is – full of dishonesty, corruption, and fraud. Even though you might want to keep the rose tinted glasses on, there are times when the assistance from a trusted private investigator becomes a necessity. Fake businesses, false resumes, identity theft, romance scams, and thousands of other cases are all reasons to seek advice from Dirty South Investigations in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Mr. Holder is a qualified private investigator in Birmingham Alabama with lots of experience in various fields in this particular business, including business background checks, child custody cases, international due diligence, identity theft risk cases, employment background checks, personal injury investigations, welfare investigations, divorce and family law investigations, process serving, credit approval process, debt recovery, missing person cases, and more.

Whatever the situation might be, our Private I in Birmingham, Alabama is fully committed to excellence and dedicated to providing for you a professional service that will match your expectations. From the first call to the final meeting with our specialist, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We will take the time to explain everything about our process of work, so you know what to expect in the end. No matter how complex or uncomplicated the case might seem, we are here to resolve it.

When calling for our professional private investigation service, clients must have the peace of mind knowing that all their information stays safe with us. We are very discrete, so you do not have worry about sharing any important details with us. We will never involve a third party in the process as we have the resources and people to handle your case – from start to finish. Fully licensed and insured, we are here to show you what superior professionalism means.

Private Investigation Services

Regardless of your investigative needs, Dirty South Investigations can provide reliable, confidential results at affordable rates.

As a full-service Birminham, AL private investigator firm we diligently serve individuals, businesses, and legal firms worldwide. The owner and chief investigator of Dirty South Investigations, Mr. Holder, is an experienced investigative agent with the skills, experience and worldwide connections necessary to ensure that you receive the best possible results in a time efficient manner. Ultimately, Dirty South Investigations specializes in providing ideal solutions to any of the problems below to the relief of our clients.

  • Alimony

  • Background Checks

  • Diligent Searches (Adoption/Estate)

  • Process Server

  • Skip Tracing (Find Someone)

  • Witness Location / Interviews

  • Worker’s Compensation / Insurance Fraud

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    5 star review  Mr. Holder worked quick to find a family member and got back to us right away. I'm very appreciative for what he did for us.

    thumb Adam McGinnis

    Birmingham AL Private Investigator: Get Results

    Dirty South Investigations can handle cases inside and outside the Birmingham Alabama. We are a one of the top rated Private Investigator companies in Birmingham and can be available for hourly, daily or long term rates. We are a licensed Birmingham Private Investigator in the State of Alabama, made up of trained and experienced investigators. We can provide fast results and effective investigative services to our clients.